Website is done (so far..)

What did I do to grow my business?

As you can see, there is a translation for all of the major pages on the website. I am super happy with the translation process and the changes I have done to the website. It seems to really come together. I feel one is never done working on a website, but I am happy with how it is now. I can focus on creating more quality content now and do not have to do base work anymore.

For the yoga nidra guide: I recorded it today, now it needs to be cut and tested from someone other than me before I can add it to the website. I think it will be done next week.

How often did I practice and when?

I managed to keep up with my practising habit from last week, practicing every morning (except Sunday, but that is my day off…) for at least 20 minutes. For now, I am sticking to online yoga classes. That seems to be a bit easier than practising on my own. Surely that will come with time. For now, I am happy with what I do.

What did I teach?

This weeks theme was playfulness and exploration. I taught one class where we focused on practising with our eyes closed. This adds a level of newness to the poses and lets you focus on how a pose feels, rather than how it looks. I also added some uncommon arm movement in familiar poses to give a new touch and to keep students engaged. The other class was accompanied by music. Normally I prefer teaching classes without, but this week it added another layer to focus an and invited a more relaxed approach to transitions and poses. I invited students to make a dance out of their practice.

Plans for the next week

Finishing the yoga nidra guide is on top of my priority list for next week. I will tackle the search for another hotel to teach in. It is kind of a never-ending story with few encouragements at the moment. But I won’t give up until I find another place. As soon as you secure a spot it is kind of low maintenance in my experience. So the work before definitely pays off.

Another thing I like to work on is to start filming videos for youtube. I have so many ideas to share. Probably not a goal that I will accomplish next week, but every little step counts.



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