Struggling to be consistent – Week 5

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What did I do to grow my business?

Last week I went to a class in the new studio where I applied to be an assistant teacher. The class was really good and quite challenging. I hope to be a teacher there soon and I think it helped that I showed up to class there. I will keep you posted.

For the website I set up Amazon affiliates, now I just have to keep using it. I took pictures for the Pose of the week post that is coming later today or tomorrow.

Concerning social media I am happy with the consistency on facebook, I am still working on my Pinterest profile.

To grow as a teacher, I took an online workshop hosted by the Yoga Alliance about making yoga accessible to people with all abilities and backgrounds.

How often did I practise and when?

I slipped with the regularity of my practice this week. I went to one class but did not practise asana outside of that. Because I had a lot of evening engagements, it was hard to keep up with the habit of my nighttime meditation. Maybe I need to schedule it differently.

For next week I will try to better myself and not letting my personal practice fall under the table as soon as things get rough.

What did I teach?

This week I taught two classes about core strength. One looking at it from a more western (medical) approach and one tying it to the Manipura chakra, therefore being a bit more routed in yogic philosophy. The pose of the week is plank pose, an excellent pose to strengthen your entire core muscles.

Plans for the next week

Having some open boxes from last week, I still need to send out an update to my newsletter subscribers, finish my Pinterest profile and publish the Pose of the week post for this week.

Next week I will publish earlier and record a yoga nidra guide. This will be my freebie for subscribing to the newsletter. It will be a lot of work to record because I have no experience in voice recordings and editing. I am looking forward to learning new things.


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