Sorry that I missed last week, I did not even notice until three days later, that I forgot to post on Friday. I will update you about the two last weeks in this post.

What did I do to grow my business?

It is really hard getting new clients during this time of the year. Everyone is busy preparing for Christmas, visiting family and having one Christmas party after another. It was stressing me out to put a lot of work in and not seeing any results. I decided to cut myself some slack to focus on my mental health and enjoy the fabulous Tyrolian winter. I finished the tasks I could control myself such as the marketing for the charity yoga class and everything concerning the Yoga Nidra Guide. Until the new year, I will teach my regular classes, work on the website and enjoy the holidays.

Acquiring new clients and teaching opportunities will be tackled in the new year.

How often did I practice and when?

Practising daily starts to get a routine. I even miss it when I have to skip a day and try to practice in the evening if I can not do my morning practice. In this area reporting here definitely helps me a lot.

What did I teach?

In week 10 the theme of the classes was “progress, not perfection”. One class included a lot of challenging poses to give students the chance to see the progress they are making. The other class was one with a lot of adjustments and alignment exercises to find the “perfect” version of regular practised poses for each individual body.

The theme of week 11 were backbends and expanding. We practised a lot of heart opening poses, gratitude meditation and keeping the body elongated during all the poses.

Plans for the next week

Next week is the last week of classes before the Christmas break. One class is a charity class for the TADRA project and the other one will be a candlelight yin class. Both classes will be challenging classes for me to teach, as I have not taught restorative yoga and yin yoga before.

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