Practice, practice, practice – Week 6

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What did I do to grow my business?

This week I translated nearly my whole page into English. It was one of my goals to have my website in English and German and I stumbled upon a WordPress plugin, that did exactly what I needed for that. I did not plan on doing that at this point in time, therefore it was a lot of work. Even with the plugin, you have to manually translate every page and post… Still, some work left, but I am happy with the process.

Sending out my first email to my newsletter subscribers was a big step for me as well, my hands were shaking a bit when it asked my confirmation to send. Now that the first one is out, it can only get easier.

How often did I practice and when?

Practising was a huge win for me this week. I have to take some medications for my asthma and they mess with my sleeping schedule. Instead of complaining about the lack of sleep I get, I decided to use those extra hours to get an early morning yoga practice in. And I did so every morning this week!

What did I teach?

The universe was throwing me a curveball on this one. I decided to teach yoga classes focusing on releasing and not holding onto things that do not serve us. And half a week later we get the news, that our car is damaged beyond repair. There you go Louise, just do not hold on to material things that much. Thank you universe, I got it.

I enjoyed the classes nonetheless, working with inversions to change our perspective and meditation to process our emotions.

Plans for the next week

Next week I want to finish the translation process of the website and record the yoga nidra guide for the newsletter goodie. Those are two major tasks, that’s why I leave it there with making more plans.


  • The plugin I use to make the website bilingual: Polylang
  • I really enjoy reading How Yoga Works written by  Geshe Michael Roach, I got it for my birthday and I nearly finished it. There will be a longer review coming

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