Plank Pose


Plank pose strengthens your entire core muscles and helps to create stability in more advanced poses. You have to engage all of the muscles in the core and will reach deep muscles as well, not just the big one on the top.



This pose can put a strain on your wrists and hurt your back if you do not engage your muscles correctly. If you have a problem in those areas, maybe practice a variation that suits your needs.

Prep poses:

  • Warm the body up by doing some sun salutations
  • start tuning into your core muscles with some rounds of cat/cow pose
  • Warm up your wrist by interlacing the fingers and drawing circles from your wrist or any other prepping exercise for your wrist

How to get into plank pose:

  • Start in a tabletop position and place your hands shoulder width apart
  • Stretch your fingers out and press the fingertips into the mat
  • extend one leg to the back, place your foot down, engage your core and extend the other leg as well
  • make sure to not let your belly drop and stay in one straight line


  • To make the pose easier to hold drop your knees down and hold the thighs and upper body in one straight line from here (This makes the pose a bit easier to hold and lower the risk of back injuries)
  • To focus a bit more on your back muscles and to decrease strain on your wrist, come into a lower version of this pose on your forearms.


  • childs pose to relax the back muscles and catch your breath
  • sphinx pose to stretch the front of your body
  • Garudasana (eagle) arms to stretch your shoulders
  • gently moving your wrists

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