Goal setting for 2019

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

I hope you celebrated a relaxing holiday with the people that you love. Enjoy the time „in between the years“ as we say in Germany. If you can make some time for yourself. Maybe practice yoga or snuggle up with a good book and a cup of tea. Take time to recharge as well.

The new year marks a new beginning and is often used to think about goals and aspirations one has in life. Technically one could use any given date to do this, but as soon as a new year approaches I get into goal setting mood as well. I followed this life reset challenge from muchelleb, I will link it in the end.

Goal setting for 2019

Regarding this website there will be some changes in the new year. I will stop publishing weekly updates on how I am doing. Instead there will be biweekly articles about Yoga off the mat, Nature and Travel. This gives me the time to create more quality content and the opportunity to start my YouTube channel as well. I will focus on yogic philosophies and all those topics that are connected, but not often mentioned in the context of yoga: Minimalism, environmentalism, social commitment and many more. One thing I will continue are the income reports, maybe not in a monthly fashion, but I want to keep them. There will be an income report for 2018, as I feel that this is information not easily found. Hopefully you will like those changes.

Now I sign off and will enjoy the rest of my holidays with my family. See you in the next year!


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