What did I do to grow my business?

I had big plans for this week and then Austrian bureaucracy and being self-employed happened. Basically, I spend half of my week driving around. Running from office to office at the insurance company to figure out where I have to be insured. I thought I had it figured out before, but then they wrote a customer of mine how they have to ensure me and the confusion began… Hopefully, it is all done now and I can focus on productive things again.

Like the Yoga Nidra Guide which is finally finished! See the article here (German) and download it by subscribing to my newsletter.

How often did I practice and when?

I stuck with my daily practice! Even if it was just 10-15min some days I am proud of it. Consistency matters more than doing it once a week for two hours.

What did I teach?

The theme of the week was balance and I took that quite literally in my classes. One class took up the theme of last week and showed how grounding down enables us to lift up and balance better in “wobbly” poses. The other class had dancers pose as peak pose and we built up to that with backbends, strengthening the back body and working on our balance.

Plans for the next week

For the last week before Christmas, I plan to do a charity yoga class and I want to start the advertisement for it next week. I really hope it has an impact, the money will go to the Tadra project, which gives a home and educates orphans in Tibet. I visited them in 2009 and 2011 and it has impacted me so much.

Other than that I want to send out the yoga nidra guide to my newsletter. Therefore not only new subscribers get rewarded, but existing ones as well.



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